BUTT Magazine

BUTT Magazine, 2001-2016
“The pocket-size magazine by, for and about homosexuals,” was founded in the Netherlands in 2001 by Gert Jonkers and Jep van Beenekom.
BUTT featured photography and interviews with renowned gay artists, such as German fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm, whose nude portraits — taken by Wolfgang Tillmans — appeared in the magazine’s first issue in May 2001. Since then, BUTT has featured gay artists such as Casey Spooner, Michael Stipe, John Waters, Heinz Peter Knes, Edmund White, Terence Koh, Walter Pfeiffer, and Slava Mogutin.
BUTT’s aesthetic was memorable for the way it sexualized men you’d find on the street or subway; they had body hair, teeth that weren’t perfect, even paunch. Queer magazines of the early 2000s still mostly stuck with the airbrushed, Ken-doll look that was ubiquitous in West Hollywood and Chelsea. BUTT helped pave the way for a fresh appreciation of down-to-Earth guys, something that Hello Mr. later embraced.

Although the magazine’s final issues were published in 2016, it can still be found worldwide, including at local American Apparel stores in the U.S. and U.K.

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