Freshmen was an American gay adult magazine published monthly by Specialty Publications, a division of LPI Media from 1982 to 2009. The magazine was geared toward gay men, and featured nude photos of men, 18–25 years old. The magazine was soft core, and distributed to mainstream news outlets, and to the soft core sections of adult stores. The magazine was an attempt to do a gay version of Hustler magazine. Its first editions featured all color photography with very high production values similar in style to Hustler. It also regularly featured male models with erections and exposed anuses, which set this magazine apart from competitors when it first appeared. After 2000, the focus was on top-line male porn models from Bel Ami, Falcon and other adult-video production companies. Other items, such as calendars, were also published using the same label. #Freshmen #Jocks #YoungJocks

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