REX - Posters

REX POSTERS – REX is a living American artist and illustrator closely associated with homosexual fetish art of 1970s and 1980s New York and San Fransisco. He avoids photographs and does not discuss his personal life. His drawings influenced gay culture through graphics made for famous nightclubs including the Mine-shaft and his influence on artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe. Much censored, he has remained a shadowy figure saying that his drawings “defined who I became” and that there are “no other ‘truths’ out there”.
He was much influenced, he said, by his chance discovery of a probably bootleg magazine of the drawings of Tom of Finland, which “irrevocably changed his life.” The depiction of men “having sex with men, passionately and enthusiastically” “spoke to him in a way no lover or anonymous stranger ever had.” His distinctively styled black-and-white pen-and-ink drawings quickly became synonymous with an emerging S&M graphic idiom and leather scene. is proud to present for sale very unique prints from the Icon Rex. A gay artist that has been on the leading homosexual art wagon since the 1960s. The artist, now in his late 70’s lives and continues to focus on his art including new pieces and remastering his other images. Now Rex has released remastered favorite POSTER pieces within his collection spanning over 40 years of art.

The ability to find any Rex original or even a print is shear impossible today. Hoarded and kept in private collection from the 1960s – 2000 seldom come on the market. When they reach the selling block buyers find the art pieces being sold quickly and many times exceeding the original estimate.

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